It was the time of year when all things wedding began to happen.  And how fun the times were.

The Bridal Shower was held at my house.  The other bridesmaids shared inspirational ideas, Carla came and helped me get ready, and we pulled off a pretty fun party. 

Heart shaped cucumber sandwiches that Carla meticulously cut apart.

The dessert in goblets idea was Teresa’s.  Not only did they look pretty, they also tasted pretty fantastic.

The fruit flower centerpieces were compliments of Marie.  Till the evening was over, the centerpieces were pretty much gone.

And the poof balls that are still hanging in my bay window.  My idea, Carla’s work.  She seriously helped me out so much, but I didn’t get a single picture of her.

The bride, happily opening her gifts.

Some of the bridesmaids and the personal attendant.

Jolynn, Marie & I.  I think it’s pretty neat how the poof ball looks like it’s Jolynn’s hat.  :)

For introductions, we had everyone say how they knew Jolynn and share a memory.  It was so neat to hear story’s about Jolynn – felt like I got a bigger glimpse of who she is.  Celebrating her was so fun.  I’m honored to call her my friend.  Love you, Jolynn.

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