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Thoughts – Christ, Thanksgiving, and Giving


When Jesus says, “Come to me,” he doesn’t say come to religion, come to a system, or come to a certain doctine.  This is a very personal invitation to a God, an invitation to a Savior.

In essence, Christianity is nothing more, nothing less than a desire and an effort to see Jesus.  That’s all it is.  We’re trying to catch a glimpse of a man, not a program, not a plan, not a system, not a doctirne.  We’re trying to see a man who called himself the Son of God.   -Max Lucado study Bible

My Thankful list:

  • The opportunity to sleep in and do nothing work/stress related this morning. 
  • An electrician who knows his stuff and dedicates so many hours to our project.
  • A bathroom tile layer who went  the extra mile to finish for us this weekend.
  • We get to stay at our house this weekend!!!
  • Our house – a gift from God!!
  • This time of year.  I love the holidays.
  • Books – and the things I learn by reading.  Can’t wait to have more time to read.
  • We leave for Texas in 3 weeks!
  • Health.
  • Life – real life.

Hmmm.  Yes, a lot do have to do with our house.  But considering our house has dominated our time this past year. . .  yeah, it still dominates my mind.  Can’t wait till we dominate the house.  :)

Duane & I were discussing this morning how this time of year (the holidays, as I refer to them), giving is really stressed.  All kinds of organizations are accepting donations for food, gifts for poor people in other countries, etc.  Families discuss how they can help others and maybe choose to do a giving project over exchanging gifts.  And we wondered, why now?  Why not in April?  Are these people no longer needy in April, or August?  Do we care about them other times of the year?  And why do a project instead of exchanging gifts?  Is it cause we feel guilty for being materialistic and wanting new things when there are poor people across the globe?  Are we really giving to help others, or are we giving to make ourselves feel good.  And does our giving really help the recipients long term, or are we just helping them in the moment?

My position on giving has been thoroughly shaken up and challenged lately.  And I blame Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert.    They wrote a book called When Helping Hurts.  Main challenge I got from the book was:

Does my giving help others develop long term, or is it just a temporary fix that makes me feel good for helping, and makes the recipient feel even more needy and dependent.

And a random Sunday afternoon at my parents place.

The patriarch and matriarch of the tribe of Aaron, along with the “little” brothers.

Can you tell which are the youngest borns on this picture?

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I Accept Pennies


Walking down Las Vegas Blvd the other night, I saw a girl sitting on the side walk with a box marked “I accept pennies”. She sat there with markers and papers (drawing, I assume) seemingly oblivious to the crowds walking around her – not even really calling attention to herself. I wonder about her story. How did such a young attractive girl get to this point? Where did she come from? My imagination can concoct all kinds of scenarios. I wish I would have taken the time to stop and talk to her. Would she have told me the REAL story? Would I have been able to do anything for her? I wonder.

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