I Accept Pennies


Walking down Las Vegas Blvd the other night, I saw a girl sitting on the side walk with a box marked “I accept pennies”. She sat there with markers and papers (drawing, I assume) seemingly oblivious to the crowds walking around her – not even really calling attention to herself. I wonder about her story. How did such a young attractive girl get to this point? Where did she come from? My imagination can concoct all kinds of scenarios. I wish I would have taken the time to stop and talk to her. Would she have told me the REAL story? Would I have been able to do anything for her? I wonder.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Judy  •  Nov 6, 2010 @2:36 am

    I’m thinking just sitting with her and listening to her story would have done something pretty incredible– showing her worth, validating her experience, comforting her wounds… Have you rad the book “Hear My Story.” Highly recommended for anyone who works with youth in today’s culture. I love your caring heart.

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