This word kinda describes my life right now.  I work a day or two a week here or there.  I clean our house occaisionally.  I do laundry when we run out of clothe.  I spent time with friends randomly.  I go on dates with my husband sporadically.  I cook food when we’re hungry.  And in the middle of all that, I feel so at rest.  A friend asked me the other day, how we were doing and if we feel busy.  And my immediate response was, “no”.  We just don’t feel busy right now and I’m loving it.  I feel so at rest.  Another friend asked me if the days get long for me when Duane drives to Lancaster to work.  And my response again was, “no”.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love when he gets back home, but my days are so enjoyable right now – occasionally, randomly, sporadically doing things, but mostly restful.

As I find myself in this restful place, I re-read a post from early December last year.  It feels so far away, because I’m at a completely different place right now.  This is how I concluded that post.

So my goals for this week, I mean year, or however long it takes me to learn:
– learn to accomplish tasks without a schedule (it might be called discipline?)  Do schedules prevent the learning of discipline?    Hmmm.  Gonna have to ponder that – as I accomplish my task of course.
– learn to enjoy solitude.  I think there’s a lot of good that can come out of that.   And I think I might, yeah, I just might enjoy that.

The lack of an intense schedule has given me the opportunity for rest.  And the enjoying solitude part – I’m a people person.  I love human interaction, but I really like alone time too.  And right now, I’m just so grateful for rest and how it has changed my perspectives.

Heard an interesting sermon this morning on the good Samaritan.  The part that I keep pondering was the preachers comment that the Samaritans attitude was “if I have it and you need it, you can have it”.  And as I think about what might be real needs around me, the needs that come to mind are not physical needs.  The needs I see are needs for peace, for rest, for hope, for grace, for forgiveness.  So I’m left to wonder how I can offer these things to those I come in contact with this week and month and year.



  1. Jolynn  •  Jan 30, 2011 @11:26 pm

    I love my changing friend! :) Your heart for passion of life in Christ is a good as GOLD!

  2. Christy  •  Feb 1, 2011 @4:07 pm

    I’m so happy for you! Seasons of rest are so needed and rejuvenating.

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