The Similarities (and differences) Between Me and a Farmer’s Wife – My Perspective


So today I’ve been pondering how similar my life is to that of a farmer’s wife.  Yes, I have lots of pondering time these days.  So here’s the list of similarities I came up with:

1.  I cook a real lunch and my husband comes in from the (computer) field for his noon day meal.
2.  It seems I always have a pile of dishes to do.  I can’t be certain, but in my imaginations the farmer’s wife always has lots of dishes to do.
3.  I take a drink to the field (computer field that is) for my husband.  I think the farmer’s wife takes her husband’s drink in a tin bucket, though.  I usually just take a mug of hot drink.
4.  I just finished cutting up, packing, and freezing the meat we got from the butcher shop.  Hmm, I’m thinking maybe the farmer’s wife would do the butchering herself, so I guess we have a slight difference here.  But butchering happened nonetheless.
5.  We live on a plot of land.
6.  I get up early.  I think the farmer’s wife gets up before 8:00.  Correct me if I’m wrong.
7.  I like feeding cattle (like once or twice a year when we go to visit Duane’s parents).  This might be a difference though, cause I can’t be certain that the farmer’s wife enjoys feeding cattle.

I came up with a few differences also:

1.  I look out my kitchen window and see bricks.  The farmer’s wife looks out her kitchen window and sees dirt.  But wait.  Bricks are made of dirt, so maybe that’s a similarity.
2.  My plot of land is point something of an acre.  I think the farmer’s wife might actually live on a couple acres.
3.  My husband’s “field” is upstairs.  Not so for a farmer.

All this to say:  I like having my husband work from home.  And I’d never make a good farmer’s wife.  And I do, at times, ponder more serious matters as well.



  1. Michele  •  Jan 5, 2011 @10:38 pm

    You crack me up! Which should really be no surprise to me at all.

  2. lynnelle  •  Feb 24, 2011 @12:16 am

    Oh my! I realize this is very late to be commenting on this post, but I just now read it. I am supposed be working on SBSC, but am blog surfing instead. My “farmer” is still out at 7:15 pm working in his “field” what else is there to say. Oh yes, I just can’t see you being a farmers wife. Good thing you married Duane!

  3. Lucy  •  Feb 24, 2011 @11:52 pm

    Yep, there would be some pretty serious adjusting for me to adapt to being a farmer’s wife. Duane does have a little bit of farmer in him, though. He milked cows and plowed fields as a boy. Not to worried about a future of that, though. He seems to be enjoying his current “field” quite well. Hope your husbands “field” becomes a little less crazy and more managable. And good luck with SBSC. :)

  4. Alicia  •  Feb 25, 2011 @5:19 am

    You’re so silly Lucy-Lu ! Yes , I just read this… finally ! How could I miss out on such a talented writer :) ! I would like to be this type of farmer’s wife, hands down!!! No manure pits for me ! lol !

  5. Lucy  •  Feb 25, 2011 @12:09 pm

    Oh, I didn’t even think about the manure pits. Yikes!! Big difference that I’m really ok doing without. :)

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