It’s a Might Bit Different, but It Feels Like Home


It really does.  It’s been almost 3 months, so it probably should by now.  It’s so funny how I hardly connect this place to the place we spent almost all our weekends at in 2010.

The other day we were talking about ordering in and I was trying to think where I keep the take out menu for the pizza place and all I could remember was where it was before – before the house was livable.  Yep, it was in the back bedroom on the dusty unfinished floor in the corner by the dusty card table where we ate many of those pizza meals.

I like this finished product for the most part.  Even maybe kinda liking the “lavendar” room.  I hate lavender.  I didn’t paint the room lavender.  I painted it silverish blueish something.  It changed to lavender of it’s own volition.  I remember the night I first realized that it was “lavendar”.  I began to think about repainting.  And as I kept hearing others notice that it was lavender and no longer silverish blueish something, I really wanted to repaint.  The funny thing is that, most of the people who see the lavender room, say they like it.  I like the room, I think.  I just don’t like lavender.  Maybe when I get real curtains instead of gaudy pink and white flowered sheets, it will look silverish blueish.  But what color curtains do I get?  Is it lavender or is it silverish blueish?  I hate colors like that.  I had a dress that I for a long time thought was gray.  I found out it was green.  I probably clashed in that dress many times.  Now that I know it is green, I were gray or brown or cream with it – never red.  I had another piece of fabric that I was going to make into a dress.  I thought it was grey.  My sisters and mom told me it was – don’t remember what, but – something else.  I gave it away.  I think I”m gonna repaint the “lavender” room.  When I decorate, it will completely clash, cause to me it is silverish blueish.

I like our little house in the big city.  It feels like home.  I like coming home to it after a particularly long day at market.  Actually, today was 15  minutes shorter.  Got out 10 minutes early.  And had gotten there 5 minutes late due to over-sleeping due to my husband drugging me up the night before, due to my serious head cold, due to that walk we took without coats because it felt like spring, when it really wasn’t.  I don’t handle benedryl very well.  Actually, I do.  I sleep so well.  Just want to keep sleeping when it’s time to get up.

But I do like our house.  It’s a far cry from the dusty bare shell of a place we saw almost every weekend last year.   People have asked me if I like the city or the country better and I usually say, both.  I love experiencing things and so I love that I get to experience living in different settings.  I actually spent the first seven years of my life in a village.  What’s a village you say?  I would probably just call it the country except that we did have close neighbors.  Then I spent 3/4 of a year living in the woods – acutally the edge of a woods, but we could take walks in the woods.  That was a fun experience.  And then the biggest bulk of my life (15 years) was spent in town.  That where most of my childhood memories take place.  Town was fun.  We always had people to play with.  Then at the age of 22, I transferred to the big city for 4 1/2 years.

The first 2 1/2 years of marriage in the country was really really fun.  That farm was so fun.  We had our own spring – a few of them actually.  We had a creek which I never went to cause people saw snakes down there.  We had free strawberries.  We could go for walks out the field lane by the light of the moon.  We had really nice neighbors for a year and half and then no neighbors for a year.  And that year we had a really big garden.   My friend asked me the other day if I miss the farm.  And I don’t – not yet.  Cause there’s really neat things about the city too.  I love that we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to experience so many different things.

Picnics on the back porch were fun.  Picnics in the city I do believe will be a might bit different.  But different is good.

So many beautiful sunset’s out our front door.  Sunset’s in the city are a might bit different.

(Joe, this one’s for you)

My how the country was fun.  We would almost always take our guests for walks out the field lane and some of them enjoyed exploring other parts of the farm as well – the graveyard, the barns, the spring house.  I’m sure we’ll find plenty of things to do with our guests here, but it will be a might bit different.



  1. Jolynn  •  Feb 25, 2011 @1:57 am

    like your original phrase- “a might bit different”! Might and bit are two extremes; as your move has been! :) Looking forward to seeing you soon in another ‘bit different’ place!

  2. Lucy  •  Feb 25, 2011 @12:12 pm

    Jolynn, very excited to see you too. I have a cold right now, so I either can’t sleep at night, or Duane drugs me on Benedryl and I sleep solid. When I can’s sleep I lay in bed and make all kinds of fun plans. I planned Texas a little bit in the early morning hours of sleeplessness. :)

  3. Kwa  •  Mar 15, 2011 @5:49 pm

    WOW!!! I seriously need to send a full wkend dwn dere again…btw ur food looks awesum!!!! 😉 yes, im hungry rite now 😉

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