A Lesson in Trust


I feel like the truth on the agenda to teach Lucy the last, oh 7 weeks, is this – Teach Lucy to trust.  More specifically, to trust that God delights in giving good things.

I was headed to the grocery store the other day – the one where you need a quarter to get a cart – and I realized that I had just spent my last quarter.  My only option was to walk through half the store to get to the checkout only to wait in a long line and finally exchange my dollar for quarters.  I didn’t really like that option, so I had a conversation with God about how neat it would be if He would help me find a quarter in my car somewhere.  That didn’t happen, but “wouldn’t it be neat if I’d find one on the ground of the parking lot.”  No such thing happening.  So I walked through half the store, stood in a very long line, finally got to the front, and exchanged my dollar for quarters.  I walked back outside to retrieve a cart.  A man was, at that moment, returning a cart which he offered to me.  I offered him a quarter and he said don’t worrry about it.

I stood there amazed.  I wanted to laugh.  God just gave me a quarter.  Not when I thought I needed it, but He gave me one because He delights in giving me good things.  That quarter is now dubbed my “aldi quarter” and it resides in a special place so it will always be with me when I go to the grocery store.  And it will not get spent elsewhere, because it’s the quarter God gave me to get a cart at Aldi.  This quarter has found its purpose in life.

This lesson in trusting that God is a giver of good things, has not been easy to learn.  Because there are so many different dimensions and elements to this lesson.  The lesson constantly changes to meet me where I most need it.  And I don’t know if I’ll ever completely get it, because the amazing characteristics of God are too big to fit inside my small brain.

So I’m learning that God chooses to give me good things.  He doesn’t always give what I want or what I even think I need.  But He is the giver of good things.  And today I’m very grateful for that.



  1. Jolynn  •  Apr 13, 2011 @8:53 pm

    I like you Lucy :) Your story touched me…

  2. Jolynn  •  Apr 13, 2011 @8:54 pm

    I like you, Lucy. :) Your story touched me!

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