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Incident #1

Yesterday I had a pair of rather difficult customers. They changed their orders, complained about the food, had me running to the kitchen replacing or changing things that I had specifically asked them, interrupted when I was serving other customers. . . They definitely weren’t my worst customers (worst was the lady who threw her lemonade at me), but difficult nonetheless. For some reason, a customer four stools down, was so disgusted and irritated by there behavior. When the difficult customers left, I cleaned up their part of the counter and discovered no tip (surprise, surprise). Then I noticed that “irritated at them” customer was also missing. I overheard the lady that was with him telling another customer that he was chasing “grumpy” customers down. When he came back, he proceeded to tell me and the lady he was with how the conversation went.

Irritated – “You forgot to leave a tip.”
Grumpy – “So?”
Irritated – “She provided you a service.”
Grumpy – “So?”
Irritated – “You were not an easy customer. Is she not even worth $.25 to you?”

Not sure if it was the right thing for irritated to confront grumpy, but I know that, right or wrong, he was looking out for me.  And I know that feminists out there react to woman “needing” someone to fight for them.  But let me tell you, I didn’t feel like less of a human because a man “needed” to fight for me.  I felt valued and important.

Incident #2

A man with a messed up life recently dragged my husband into his relationship issues with his girlfriend.  My husband went to meet “confused”, because “confused” wanted someone to pray with him.  He wanted to be happy.  Husband was at meeting place waiting for “confused” when his “wary” girlfriend showed up.  In the events that followed my husband fought for a “wary” woman who was treated unkindly by a “confused” man.  He confronted “confused” when he got verbal with “wary”.  He told “confused”, “In my world, men don’t treat ladies that way”.

And once again, a man fought for a lady, not because she’s lesser, but because she is valuable and so worth fighting for.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Michele  •  May 6, 2011 @11:41 pm

    I know this isn’t facebook, but if it was. [like] consider the like button hit. I love when you write. And I love it when men “fight” Kuddo’s to BIL. You have yourself a good man. :)

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