The Goal, the result


The goal was to establish a church.  Looking at the beginning from the vantage point of 20 years later, I would say the founder was on the right track.  They had a good think going.  There was a church – a church that was providing what the local community needed.  There was a body of believers who gathered to worship, who experienced real community.  But the founder didn’t have the freedom to continue pursuing this church and so the movement ended.  Someone else stepped in and life went on.  Church gradually began to have a different look.

And from this vantage point 20 years later I wonder. . .  What if the founder could have stuck it out a couple more years? What if freedom would have been given to keep pursuing church?  What could God have done with that church?  Where would it be today?    Twenty years later we still haven’t establish what the founder had going way back then.

But, we have church.  We gather to worship.  We have community.    It looks different then the original goal.  But God is not surprised by any of this.  Maybe this was His goal all along.  Maybe, just maybe, God used what looked like life-killing choices to we mere mortals, to perform His purposes for this church.

Who can know the mind of God?  I wonder what else He has planned for church here.  I wonder what churches everywhere would look like if people would turn control over to God and allow the Spirit to move.  I wonder. . .

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