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Duane’s Nephew, Tracy, was here for a week and so we had an excuse to get out and enjoy the city.  Not that we need an excuse to do that, but somehow when we have visitors we’re more motivated.

We biked the river loop (my name for the route that goes up one side of the schuykill and down the other) the one night.  We were biking on the woodsy, parkish, west side and I commented to Tracy that you can almost forget you’re in the city.  He thought it looked totally city.  His perspective was that this is city because cities have parks.  My perspective is – grass, trees=country.  It was a lovely ride, though.

Saturday morning we went out and enjoyed Old City.  Old City Pizza for lunch, Old City T-shirts for souveniers, Ben Franklin’s stomping grounds, and staring at the British and American soldiers at the Mall.

Two of Duane’s cousins came to visit Saturday afternoon and joined us (along with a bunch of church friends) for fireworks at Race Street Pier.

Me and my peoples.  Love how Maria is holding pretty tightly to the watermelon.

And this would be the relatives – Nephew Tracy, Nephew Eugene, Cousin Bernerd, Cousin Larry, Cousin Rosalyn, and Cousin of the cousin Colleen.  :)

Our view of the bridge from the pier.

And this would be the crowded Race Street Pier.  Shannon, Duane, & I were discussing our strategies of escape, should a stampede happen.  But someone pointed out that we’d probably be at the safest place since we were at the complete opposite end of the opening to the street.

And we oohed and ahhed over the fireworks like we always do.  It was a pretty good show.

We had a block party Sunday.  Quite interesting.  Met a few more neighbors.  Could have gained 10lbs if we’d accepted all the food the neighbors were offering.

We ended the weekend with a walk on Kelly Drive Sunday night with some good friends who we haven’t had the chance to be with much lately due to crazy schedules.  Was a good end to a fun packed weekend.

And today, the actually Independance Day, we feel like doing absolutely nothing.  We’re chilling in the AC.  I might convince Duane to go for a walk or bike ride with me yet, but books and AC sound pretty inviting tonight.

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