The Crew


I’m still not exactly sure how the four of us all ended being “hang out with each other every night of the weekend” friends.  But that of course was the old days.  These days we’re scattered, across the country really, and our visit are few and far between.  But we still know how to act like teenagers and stay up till the wee hours of the morning when we gather.

God has blessed me incredibly with such good friends.  The best kind of friends, really.  And they’re not limited to these four, but this post is limited to them.

We started our weekend with a picnic by the river.  Andrew and Sierra chased away the geese anytime they got close.

We went to the Italian Gelateria in memory of our trip to Europe.  Incidentally, none of the people on this picture (save me) were in Europe.  One was on the other side of the camara, one was at the other end of the crowded room, and one had left our presence already (sniff, sniff).

This picture is here to make you think we went sailing all weekend.  We didn’t.  I hope to say that some day, though.

The crew minus Jay and Jolynn who had taken the train out to be with her family

There’s Marie – the practical, down-to-earth, easy to-talk-to one.

Jolynn – the impulsive, fun-loving, inspiring one.

Monica – the sensitive, caring, good-listening one

& then there’s Mary Jane – the one who has way more life experince then any of us.  The one who advised us on husbands.  We all ended up with pretty good men, too.  :)   She feels so much older and wiser (probably cause she is) and we always love to hear her opinion on a matter, be it chuch, husbands, hard things, etc.

Sierra gets acquainted - or is she dancing - with the manaquin.

And maybe I should say something about the husbands.  I’m so thankful that the husbands enjoy each others company.  They all come from different backgrounds, except for the two brothers, but they seem to like gathering as well.  I have to say that they are all men truly after the heart of God.  That was Mary Jane’s first qualification for our husbands.  Another one was “good with finances”.  I think most of our men are Dave Ramsey followers or something equally as radical.  check.

A lovely child, this one is.

I’m so thankful for the friends God has blessed me with.  They’re friends that challenge and inspire me.  They’re friends that fight for me and care.  They’re friends that pursue God and THAT is what makes the friendship so worthwhile.



  1. Jolynn  •  Jul 27, 2011 @12:29 am

    What a gushing, fun post, Lucy! Love it! Love that we all 4 got to be together once again! I think God really cares about our friendship! Wish I had some of those pictures…
    Great post!

  2. Christine  •  Jul 27, 2011 @1:26 am

    Looks like a fun weekend. Have a great week!

  3. Cheryl  •  Aug 6, 2011 @9:16 pm

    Looks like fun…we have a weekend coming up like that this coming weekend.

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