This is the Good Life


The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away;  Blessed be the name of the Lord. This verse came un-invited into my head in the middle of some extreme losses this past year.  I didn’t seek after the verse, it just came.

Could it be that I really mean that?

And so I took the verse and clung to it.  And repeated it and repeated it, till I knew that was what my heart really wanted  – to bless His name.

And when the song “This is the Good Life” went through my head but instead of hearing the words “I lost everything I could ever want”, I heard “I’ve GOT everything I could ever want” I stopped short.  But I knew in an instant that it was true.

This really is “the good life”.  And I really do have everything I could ever want.  Because I know now more then ever that everything I could ever want is wrapped up in the God of the Universe and I have been invited to join His inner circle.

And as I choose to embrace grief, I find more of God – what I really want.



  1. Jolynn  •  Sep 27, 2011 @2:53 am

    Lucy, I love you and your story! You really do have the good life {in Christ}

  2. Martha Glick  •  Oct 2, 2011 @7:51 pm

    More of God..What I really want. You wrote this well and even more then that I see you actually living this and it deepens my own desire for God.

  3. Lucy  •  Oct 3, 2011 @5:08 pm

    Martha, your friendship helps me to know and live out what I really want. Appreciate you alot.

  4. Lucy  •  Oct 3, 2011 @5:09 pm

    Joynn, thank you for embracing my story and journeying with me.

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