Her strong grip


Her grip was too strong for her frail body.  I couldn’t take my hand away.  I pried her fingers off of mine as I said good-bye with tears stinging my eyes.  I pried her fingers away as my heart jumbled up into grief.

“She wouldn’t let go,”  I gasped to my husband through the tears.

And I was transported back 4 months. . .

to another bedside.  Another dying dear woman.

We didn’t actually think we’d see her again on earth.  But her ending couldn’t be more different then her daugher-in-laws.  Where the daugher-in-laws life went way too quickly, her life drags on and on.  They thought it was the end so many times, but she pulls through.

Will she still be here in six weeks?  I pray that if she’s still on this earth, that she will be well enough to hold my hand in that strong grip of hers.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jolynn  •  Oct 4, 2011 @2:42 am

    “They thought it was the end so many times, but she pulls through.” – I know, right!
    I wish she could be happy and pain free!
    Very neatly written, Lucy :)

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