We remembered mom.  We remembered our heritage.  It was a wonderful weekend, really.  I knew it would be hard returning to Texas for the first time, but I think it was more healing then hard.  The original plan of the weekend was to celebrate mom and dad’s 50th anniversary, but mom’s passing in May changed all of that.  It seemed like grieving would be replacing our celebration.

Dad told lots of story’s.  We asked lots of questions.  We greived.  We celebrated that day 50 years ago when mom and dad committed their lives for each other and began a life that we are so grateful for.  We enjoyed hearing story’s of dad’s childhood – life in Canada, Mexico, and Belize.  But mostly we enjoyed hearing the parts of his story that included mom.  The part where they started liking each other at much too young of an age (some of the younger grandchildren will use that to their advantage).  The part where dad moved away and for two years they didn’t see each other and wrote letters.  The part where mom moved to Belize also and they began to date.  The parts that caused dad to get a silly smile on his face and he’d turn the question back on the asker, such as “well, what did you do on your dates?”  We like him alot.  We like his story.

And grieving did not replace celebrating.  Oh, to be sure, we grieved.  But we celebrated.  We have so much.

We are family and we celebrate that.

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