A Day in the Life


{For my friends and family back home and. . .  just for fun.}

6:45 alarm goes/I shut it up
6:50 second alarm goes off.  I hit snooze.  I never hit snooze.  Today I hit snooze.
6:55 third alarm – I drag myself out of bed and get ready to meet the day.
7:15 dash downstairs and inhale some cereal before heading out the door.
7:25 arrive in town at Duane’s dad’s store.  Help check in order, go to bank, etc.
9: 30 head across the street to the cefco for some pumkin cappuccinos for myeself and the hardworking husband at home.
9:45 arrive home.  Bless husband with cappuccino.  Enjoy my own.
10:00 make lists, catch up on email/blogs.
11:15 husband joins me downstairs for an early lunch.
12:00 spend some time on the treadmill trying to burn up what I just ate.
1:00 clean house, laundry.
4:00 walk over to Lois and visit for a bit.
4:30 back home water plants, finish laundry.
5:45 help Duane feed the cattle, change and get ready for dinner invitation.
6:30 Arrive at Wade and Clara Miller’s for a wonderful meal and a delighful evening.
10:00 back home, crawling into bed.  (for once we make it to bed on time).

This is by no means a typical day.  Don’t know that I have a typical day here.  Daune’s a bit more consistent.  He sits in his little office upstairs every day from 7:00 to 4:00, then he goes to the store till 5:30. We’re enjoying the blessing of these non-typical days.

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