Adventures in Texas {part 2}


Only happened a couple times, but the evenings spent singing were fun.  Glad we made room for the guitar.

The crazy one there, that’s my husband.

A night out with friends.  Was fun discussing many things and getting some “lived-life-longer” perspective.

We went out early one Saturday morning to “help” our friends load cattle.  It was fun to be part of such an event.  There’s excitement in the air as family (and friends – us) gather for some hot cofffee and burritos before heading out to the cold.  It’s a family affair, cause it takes a lot of people.  Doesn’t take long to get one truck loaded, but you don’t want to be drastically out-numbered by the cattle.

I’m pretending that this isn’t a blurry bad picture, but actually an artistic edited picture to show you the early-ness of the event.  And I think it speaks cold also.

Here we are, embracing a bit of Texas culture. I think I could actually see myself being a farmer's wife after all. Not dairy or pigs, though. Something about cattle. . .

Croutching down so as not to intimidate the cattle.

We're the by-standers. No cattle prods for us.

When dad took his unexpected trip to Belize, we had the opportunity to try out the cattle farmer thing – on a very low-scale of course.  We had to feed and and give them water every evening.  And I insisted I help Duane.  Was kinda fun.  Now fixing barbed wire fence?  Count me out.

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