Adventures in Texas


After an impulsive drive through the night, my brother and I arrived in town early afternoon aprox. 12 hours ahead of schedule.  After another drive through the night the next night, I was reunited with Duane at Dallas airport.  Much sleeping happened late into the day that first Saturday we were here.

I managed to arrive in time to participate in the celebratory bridal shower of my dear niece, Carla.

The Bride-to-be with friends

The BTB's stash of gifts

The BTB and her bridesmaids

The BTB and her "young" Aunts

Duane set up his office that first Saturday and was all ready to go Monday morning.  Yes, he has three computer screens.  Yes, we made room to haul them all along.  Yes, we will have to make room for them when we pack our car to go home.   And, Yes, we won’t talk about how many shoes the wife brought.  :)   They take up less space though, I promise.

Since Conrad was around, we headed to town for the afternoon along with some of the nephews, a niece, and a brother and sis-in-law.  We ate at this awesome bbq joint that I hope to visit again before we depart.  And, yes, these guys are stuffing themselves with pounds of brisket.

Intently staring at the ducks I belive, who were enjoying their feast of corn tortillas that we had showered upon them.

And then there was the bridge where we entertained ourselves (and the relaxing gentelmen on nearby benches).  We’ll blame our behavior on the brother and the nephews.

They look innocent enough, don't they?

Then the attempt at a group picture:

The sister chews out the brother for counting his money at a time like this.

The sis-in-law adds her words of admonition.

Lendalls had it. And I'm just going crazy by now. If it wasn't for my husband holding me back. . .

Yep, we pretty much lost it. Especially the niece there.

Crazy group, fun memories.

Last stop, the Dr Pepper museum.

And thus end this first installment of the crazy adventures in Texas.

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