The Grinch Transformed


So I was definitely being a little grinchy leading up to Valentine’s Day.

I hated that February 14th meant we (along with all the rest of the coupled-up world) were expected to “go out to eat”.

I hated that we were expected to buy mushy cards, chocolates that I don’t even care for (the special valentine boxed ones, that is), and flowers that will die in 4 days.  Oh, and throw in some cheesy balloons for good measure.

Yep, I was being a little grinchy and decided that WE wouldn’t celebrate valentines.  Never mind the fact that I had bought some dove rasberry chocolates (our favorite) a few weeks previous, with valentines in mind.

So, yes, I had decided we wouldn’t celebrate.  And then, my husband brings it up the week before.  And, “GULP”, I guess I hadn’t really considered his opinion in the matter.

So we ended up doing something special, not because we were expected to, but because we do date night once a month anyway, and valentines was on a Tuesday, the night we were home alone.  So why not celebrate date night on valentines.

But we didn’t buy in to the hype.  No mushy cards, no cheesy balloons, no overpriced flowers. . .   Just a simple meal at home, the two of us.

I made Chicken marsala (and leftover mashed potatoes from work).  We ate at our special table that we plan to sell soon (sniff, sniff).  We ate blonde brownies smothered in melted dove rasberry chocolates.  We listened to some inspiring lovely music.  We burned the trinity candle to remind us of our desire to relate to each other, as the trinity relates.  We celebrated us, our story, our love, who we are becoming, on Valentines evening.

Maybe, just maybe, Valentine’s Day isn’t all I had made it out to be.  Maybe, just maybe, I smiled a bit when I saw people headed home on the bus with cheesy balloons for there special someones at home.  Maybe, just maybe, I kinda liked Valentine’s Day this year.

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