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Something I’ve been processing a bit lately is priorities.  And the fact that priorities need to be ranked because sometimes something important gets trumped by something more important.

Something important to me is having a warm welcoming comfortable home.  I realize that that has a lot to do with my and Duane’s attitudes and how we invite people in.  But it also has a bit to do with our surroundings as well.  Which is why I have goals of very intentionally decorating our house.  Yes, we have lived here over a year and my walls are mostly bare.

The reason at first was because decorating does not come as brainlessly for me as it does for some people.  I was going to use the word “naturally” but I think brainlessly fits better.  I believe I do have a natural ability to decorate.  It’s just a little slower and takes more brains and time then it does for some people I know.  (or maybe it’s that I’m too hard to please.)  And when we first moved, I needed a break.  After that year of working on the house and making house decisions, I was quite content with empty walls, missing closet doors, sheets instead of curtains, etc.

But gradually, the desire for curtains and to make my house more “us” has become big.  And the need for a break has long since been gone.  So desire was there.  I just needed the inspiration.  Inspiration slowly began to come last fall as I spent time with my sister-in-law and dear friend, Jolynn.  Something about being around her creativeness stirred all kinds of ideas in my head.

And gradually, things are taking shape.

The curtains (we prefer them to doors) in the bedroom closet.

The spring wreath that this non-creative person constructed.

I’m discovering that I do have a bit of an artistic side.  I think I always shied away from being creative because I simply thought, I wasn’t, because my way of being creative was different from so many people I knew.  I’m slowly learning to “create” my way.

One wall arraingement in my living room.    It’s missing something.  Some word art maybe?  I was on the lookout for  a clock whenever I’d go shopping.  Kinda wanted something larger due to my large walls (11′ ceilings), but then I “found” this one stashed in a corner of Duane’s office.  Forgot we had it and thought I could probably handle the smaller sized clock since it didn’t involve spending money.

The curtains that I got someone else to make for me.  Yes, I’m discovering a love of creating, but sewing is still not one of my first loves, so I thought it best to hire this project out.  We had lived for some time with no curtains in the kitchen windows.  I had gotten pretty much use to it, but it was time to end our fish-bowl existence.  The night we hung them up, my husband and I both felt rather closed in.  We’ve gotten use to that feeling, though and we prefer the feeling of a smaller room vs. the fish-bowl feeling.

The curtain for the new bathroom that I sewed together myself.  Not quite as complicated as the kitchen ones and a little forgiving due to the gathered nature of them.

I recently made some curtains for the upstairs bathroom window and closet.  They’re hanging, but not complete.  I want to add some ruffles or flowers or something, but somethings more important are presently trumping my desire to have a nicely finished house.

Things like:
-working to save up lots of money for some important goals
-cooking so we eat and survive
-making time for important relationships

So I squeeze in “house” moments whenever I can, because right now finishing my house is about number seven on my list of priorities, which means it really isnt’ a priority.

Maybe in a couple weeks, I can make it number three for a whole week.  I’ll have to see what I can do about that.



  1. Jolynn  •  Apr 23, 2012 @5:45 pm

    Loving the new things popping up around your house! Thanks for the pics! It helps tremendously to ‘see’ it since I can’t come over to check it out! :) Your creativity it simply beautiful! Keep it up!
    Also, your post challenged me to prioritize my life a bit more. Thanks for the reminder to take time for whats important – Aka, people.

  2. Lucy  •  Apr 27, 2012 @2:14 pm

    Aww, Jolynn, I miss you too. Struggling a little today with the order of my values. I want to value relaxing and resting the most today, but I’m trying to convince myself to stick with how we prioritized at the beginning of the week. Which means I need to get my house cleaned and laundry done. Yes, that is a priority this week. :)

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