Today. . .


a year ago we got that call. ┬áMany phone calls, actually, but that one call – those words – “We think it’s the beginning of the end”.

a year ago that decision made, trip planned and departed on in less then 3 hours.

a year ago the sadness settled in, took up residence, and decided to stay awhile

a year ago I took that long walk along the river to meet Duane after work, and the attempt to process began

a year ago, through nature – turtles actually – God whispered “I love you”

a year ago, we realized we were losing mom

a year ago, everything changed.



  1. Jo Yoder  •  May 12, 2012 @10:45 pm

    You and I, we were on so similar a journey a year ago.
    May God go with you & Duane this Mother’s Day…your first w/out her…we understand. It just hurts, and that’s all there is to it.

  2. Lucy  •  May 17, 2012 @2:03 am

    I forgot that you experienced the loss of your mother-in-law also. I believe your mom suffered much longer then mine, though. Which meant little time for us to say good-bye, but we were so glad we didn’t have to see her in pain for long. That must have been really hard for you all.

    Thanks for your care.

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