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On Mother’s Day (which was a rather long time ago now) I found myself almost feeling guilty for being so sad about Duane’s mom and lacking ability to celebrate my mom.  I chose to give myself grace that day to grieve the lost one and celebrate the living one later.

I’m really bad at giving people gifts or cards, or remembering birthdays, special days, etc.  But my mom actually got a Mother’s day gift this year.  (A month late.  On Father’s day.  The Father has yet to get a gift.  The jury is still out on wether he will or not.)  Thankfully this overlooking special days thing is inherited. . . from my mom. . . so she forgives easily.

So to celebrate my mom this day (not mother’s day, but I think she’s worth celebrating any day of the year), I thought it would be fun to ponder on some of the ways I’m like my mom, and some of the ways I’m different.

So our sameness traits:

1.  We’re both bad with giving cards/gifts (already mentioned).
2.  I inherited her crazy out-of-control laugh – that only happens on rare occasions, but is way more fun when we’re together.
3.  We both are third-borns.   We married youngest borns.  Who were six years behind (extra youngest born traits).
4.   She passed on her love of books which I at one time hated – not books in general but her obsession that overwhelmed our house with them.  I’m obsessed now too.
5.  She always had compassion on the under-dog.  Though I’ve overlooked the “beaten down” way too many times, I do believe she passed on a bit of that compassion to me.

Some of our differentness traits:

1.  She’s a home-body.  I love to travel.
2.  She has a green thumb.  I kill green things.
3.   I like email.  She. . . not so much.
4.  I love to “scale” mountains.  She comes kicking and screaming.
5.   She is soft-spoken.  I tend to be loud-spoken.

Meet mom.

No, this is not our "out-of-control" laugh. This is our "we are composed mature ladies" laugh.


And since that picture is an oldie, like four years oldie, here’s a more current one with the little brother.  (note to self:  take current picture with mom)

Happy celebrating you day, mom.  :)  I remembered.  Just a little bit late.



  1. Christy  •  Aug 29, 2012 @6:23 pm

    I like this post a lot and it makes me want to get to know your mom. :) Thanks for the reminder to take a picture of my mom and I. I’ll have a chance to do that this coming week! :)

  2. Yvonne  •  Aug 30, 2012 @8:15 pm

    Lucy, I loved this post. Brought a smile to me face.

  3. Yvonne  •  Aug 30, 2012 @8:16 pm

    O.K. That was supposed to be *my*, not me! :/

  4. Lucy  •  Aug 31, 2012 @12:08 am

    Have fun with family, Christy. I’ll be thinking about you.

  5. Jolynn  •  Aug 31, 2012 @1:36 am

    I just realized I miss your mom. I really like her. I always had fun with her at your house, gathered around the kitchen table. Which, she usually was pulling out the food or putting dishes away and inserting her funny comments to which we would respond with rounds of laughter. She was always so hospitable and friendly and I always felt like she wanted to talk to me. She’s a gem! Great post! :)

  6. Lucy  •  Sep 3, 2012 @2:23 pm

    Hmm, she’s still doing that for my brothers – in the kitchen, serving them and their friends, engaging with them. I’m sure my mom would love to see you again. Tell you what, next time you’re here, the two of us take a trip to visit your grandmother (been wanting to talk to her) and my mom.

    And speaking of moms, I visited with yours a bit at Blue Ball days. She’s still fun, just like I remembered. :)

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