On this day, Wedenesday, five years ago, 11-28-07,

we stumbled upon this at the park.

My thoughts?  “What a beautiful memorial.  I wonder who died here.”

My boyfriends words?  “Would you like to sit down?”

My next thoughts?  “Oh My Word!!!!  It’s for us!!??!!”

It was a good day, that Wednesday night five years ago.  I didn’t know then how Right a decision we were making.

People say opposites attract, and I’m sure there are ways we are rather opposite, but in the things that really matter. . .  I marvel sometimes how blessed we are that our values and passions and dreams SO match up.  It’s a huge gift.

This day, this 11.28, sadly, we won’t be making a trip to “the bench”.  This 11.28 we’re some 1000 miles away from each other.  I imagine the bench will still be there next week.

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