It was the best of times


There is an old Geoff Moore song “Best Days” and I think of it on the rare occasion that I have a “best day”.  Best days for me, aren’t always something too phenominal.  Most best days are pretty normal ones in which life simply feels full. . . and I feel alive.

That August weekend was best days.  That August City was best days.  It was best days because it was relaxing, encouraging.  It was best days because it stirred good things inside of me.  It was best days because of the calmness and the rest I feel in the presence of two fine ladies.

It feels like it needs a name, a label, this fine weekend. But nothing fits. No words really stick to define what this inspiring weekend was for me. This weekend. . . it doesn’t fit in a box.

The beautiful family we went to see in Atlanta

I love how my husband captures the random shot

A truly cultural experience at the Varsity

And these men, they literally talked all weekend long.  They circled up in the park while the boys played.  They walked the streets of downtown in discussion.  They sat in the living room till late, hashing.  They found tables (while we ladies shopped) and had their last chat of the weekend.

  I loved hearing their inspiring and rather deep conversations.  And at times we ladies were right in the middle of the conversations.  I learn more about myself, my beliefs, when with people such as these.

The lovely hosting couple

The Texans that we were quite delighted to meet up with in the fine city of Atlanta

And us. . .

So many words spoken, so many fun times, so much delicious eating happened around this table

Yeah, I think I could handle me one of those August “best days” again.  Thanks, Christy and Jolynn for being woman who inspire me.  And Christy, you are the most gracious hostess, ever.  I learn so much from you.




  1. Christy  •  Jan 20, 2013 @4:20 am

    Best days. Ahhhh, that song brings back good memories for me, and so do these pictures! It was a wonderful weekend, and I hope it can happen again sometime! We love y’all!

  2. Lucy  •  Jan 21, 2013 @2:56 pm

    Jolynn & Christy, I do hope we can do this again sometime.

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