The Day in Which We Attempted to Walk to Texas


It was the perfect fall afternoon that Sunday we set out on foot from our place.  We left the building behind in search of some leaves, some grass, some trees, some woods.  And a great big rock over-looking the river, the road.


We followed this sign. . .

that directed us down this path. . .

but alas, it didn’t really lead to Texas.

While the husband enjoys the scenery I stay attached to my cell phone. Am I seriously that boring?

At least I’m engaging in actual conversation here

He doesn’t claim to be a photographer at all, and he’s not really.  But I do believe that he does have some talent and some skills at capturing some decent shots.


Here’s an example:  he takes a picture, decent lighting, decent angle, decent depth.  I, in turn, take a picture and we get bad angle, over-exposed, flat, blurry picture.  I really do want to learn a thing or two, but he takes such good ones, so I just let him.

This is the point in which we had the arguement.  I was tired of walking.  He suggested a short-cut.  I was fearful of a fence in the path of the short-cut, therefore turning it into a very long back-tracking walk.

We argued.  He won.  He was right.  We were both happy.

And boy, do I love fall.




  1. Jolynn  •  Nov 28, 2012 @10:44 pm

    since there is no simple ‘like’ button my only option is to leave a comment… just wanted to say I liked this post. It reminded me of not very long ago. *grins*

  2. Christy  •  Jan 20, 2013 @4:17 am

    Yeah, Duane is a natural. He is one of the people I credit for giving me my beginning education. :) I LOVE the picture of the kayak-er on the lake.

  3. Lucy  •  Jan 21, 2013 @2:56 pm

    Christy, Duane would be honored by your comments. He’s so humble about it and I know he’s not a professional, so I try not to gush to much. But I’m very glad for his decent picture taking skills. And glad that he was able to help you out in the beginning, because for you to not have pursued photography, would have been sad indeed.

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