All in a Days Work


4:30am cringing at the thought of getting out of bed.  “I hate this
day” was the rather loud thought that dashed through my brain.

5:00am awake and feeling much more energized and prepared to meet the
day.  Feeling sorry for hating on today.  It’s a gift from God and I
want to cheerfully accept this gift.

6:52 standing in the cold, grateful to see the bus top the hill after
I waited for only five minutes.

7:00 riding the bus and recognizing that though early mornings tend
to be my least favorite part of day, an hour into the day, I’m usually quite
happy about it.

7:05 suddenly filled with dread about the fact that I’m gonna be
meeting lot of people today and some people are really good at making
attempts to ruin other peoples days.  And the one or two disgruntled
customers can somehow consume me and make me forget the 177 pleasant

8:00 chatting pleasantly with co-workers over breakfast break. I’ve
been up for hours, so “cheerful” has arrived by now.

10:45 “he” showed up – the demanding, belittleing, disrespectful guy.
Forgot about the previous pleasant customers and struggled to know
how to respond, to not take on myself the belittleing message he was
sending my way.

10:48 remind myself that his attitude has more to do with whatever
issue he’a dealing with (and potentially the fact that he forgot to
check the prices before ordering “half” the menu a la carte), then
anything I p0tentially did wrong.

11:10 say good-bye to him. I’m feeling much better about myself since
distancingmyself from his issue and he actually seems slightly happy.  Score!
3:55pm once again waiting for the bus, contemplating the truth that no
one I met today had the power to destroy me.  Neither did the 177
pleasant people have any power to add value to me.  And that kinda
made me happy.

4:00pm happily heading home after another successful day. Grateful for my job.

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