A minimalist by definition is “being or providing a bare minimum of what is necessary”.  It’s other things, also, but in the spirit of minimalism, I give you one defintion.  :)

According to that definition I am a far cry from being a minimalist.  But according to middle-class American standards (and my own standards of having to purge), I would term myself “leaning” minimalist.

If I don’t wear it, use it, eat it, read it, need it, it’s simply taking up space.

Even in writing, texting, facebook, etc I catch myself trying to eliminate words (being excessively wordy this time, though).

Let me be clear.  My house is not magazine perfect.  I think it’s actually my natural messy tendancies that cause me to react and “remove”.  If I have too much stuff, I tend to get cluttered very quickly.  Even the floor of my closet.  If it starts getting chaotic looking, I start looking for shoes to get rid of.  In fact, right now I have a pair I’m considering passing on to my sister.  Wore them only once or twice in the past year.  Definitely warrants passing them onto someone who will make good use of them.

I have to be careful in my de-cluttering though.  I’ve, on occasion, passed something on too quickly.  I’ve got a system down now where I store things in a particular tote that I think I might want to remove.  A couple months later (or when I’m going through another purge obsession) I go through the tote again.  Some things go, some things stay.

And my pinterest boards?  They’re actually driving me crazy right now.  I need a lazy Sunday afternoon, or an unscheduled Saturday morning, to sit down and clean up those boards.  It drives me crazy to have something pinned that I’ll never use.  So yes, my boards have to be gone through every couple months.

We just had a “happy birthday everyone” party in my family – hosted by me.  And everyone got a gift from my house.  The sweater that I put in the dryer, that shouldn’t have been, went to the neice.  The picture that hung in the farmhouse, but never found a place in the city house, went to my mom.  The book we enjoyed reading but don’t feel it’s a priority to have in our library, went to the brother.

And presently, there are books, coffee mugs, and a food chopper collected on the table in the living room.  Trying to figure out if they could be gifted, sent to the thrift store, or saved for fall yard-sale.

P.S.  Just went though this post and eliminated 15 words.

P.S.S.  The fact that I counted them is just my number ocd issue, that’s all (and my need to be a little wordy here at the end).

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Michele  •  Apr 13, 2013 @2:09 am

    and your ps, and pss added 35 back in… :)
    am i that “pass the shoes to” sister?

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