Lighter thoughts on Mother’s day


So I heard some men at work the other day talking and laughing and joking AND wishing each other a “happy Mother’s Day”. I shook my head at how crazy those men are (you can’t take that Lenny serious) and went about my business.

I walked off the bus later that day and half a block from my house an elderly man stood on the sidewalk. As I approached him, he wished me a “happy Mother’s Day”. I smiled and politely thanked him, allowing him to believe what he wished and not feeling the need to explain that “well, actually, I’m not a mother”. As I passed by him, I heard him mutter, half to himself, half for my ears, I believe, “you’re supposed to say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ back”. I almost paused right there on the sidewalk. Are you serious?! Do we really say “Happy Mother’s Day” to anyone just like we would say “Happy Memorial Day” or “Merry Christmas”?

Is this a clash of cultures? A generation gap?

Or am I just simply clueless? Does everyone out there wish the men in there lives a “Happy Mother’s Day”.

Whew! I might have to study up on Mother’s Day a bit.

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