I Wonder if Mommas Pray more


That was the thought going through my head at 2am.  I had just spent an hour bouncing her cute 26lb one year old self back to sleep.  Prayers, or should I say one prayer, were repeatedly being wafting heavenward – “Please let her stay sleeping, please let her stay sleeping. . .”.

And then. . . but that kind of prayer life isn’t really what develops a deeper relationship with my Father, is it?  Not the kind I know He wants, and I want as well.

And my prayers changed a bit.  More along the lines of “Thank you for giving me the strength to care for this darling child.  Right now, I’d prefer sleep, but I don’t really need it.  I can stay awake and care for this child.  You provide the strength I need.  In you, I have what it takes.”

I do desire more of a prayer relationship with God and I know He wants to hear our needs and sometimes desparate pleas.  I’ll continue to bring them to Him, but I want more of a relationship then that.

I’ve had situations where I’ve had to call on a friend or family member for help.  Seems like more now with having a little darling child we’re responsible for right now (thanks Janell).  But in order to have a satisfying relationship it needs to be more then just me requesting help from them.

And in order to have a more satisfying relationship with my Father, I want to bring more to the conversation than asking for things.



  1. Renita  •  Aug 5, 2013 @9:37 pm

    Lucy, how beautiful! I needed that reminder. You make such a sweet mama :)

  2. Christy  •  Aug 7, 2013 @12:32 pm

    Lucy!! I want to hear more details. :) Email me a picture please. :) It makes me so happy to picture you cuddling a baby. I’ve been praying God would send you a baby especially often the last while, and am praising Him for answering our prayers.

    Yes, I do think it’s true that mother’s pray more, and I think we all pray the please-let-him-sleep-longer prayers sometimes. :) And there are also LOTS of, “Lord, HOW do I handle this?” So many more, too. Prayers for love, for wisdom, for courage, for an ounce of strength, for endurance, for grace, pleading for their souls, for their protection…Oh, how we need Him.

  3. Susanna  •  Aug 8, 2013 @2:51 pm

    Yes, Lucy, God uses children to help us grow up when we want to. Glad you got to experience the blessing of caring for her.

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