This Season


It’s a party of one out along the river today. ┬áJust me, this book, some snacks, and a journal. I’m watching all the traffic on the schuykill, grateful that I’m not commuting home from work at the moment.
Beautiful lingering warmth on this fall day. If only autumn lasted forever.


I love autumn enough that I’ve brought it inside. Enough that I’ve cooked it delicious pumpkins and apples.


I’ve sipped it’s cider and pumpkin lattes.



And I’ve gathered with friends to learn more about relationship and the creator of this wonderful season.



  1. Christy  •  Nov 9, 2013 @1:05 am

    Is the book good? I think I’d like to read it. :)

  2. Lucy  •  Nov 26, 2013 @6:05 pm

    Christy, I’ve actually really been enjoying it. I started the book out thinking that I’m really not a person that get unglued, because I was picturing unglued as screaming, out of control, angry, etc. Let’s just say I needed the book on so many different levels. “Unglued” can totally be an inward process, but it so affects relationships. I’m reading it with my friends here and we meet every other week to learn from each other and encourage each other.

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