So we got to the end of the weekend, and I laid my head upon my pillow feeling simply fulfilled and alive.  And I thought back over the weekend trying to figure out what it may have been to make me feel this content, this happy, this restful, this peaceful, this settled.  Yep, I was feeling all of that and more.

There was the delightful little person who came to spend an evening with us while his mommy and daddy were away.

There was the evening just Duane and I, with games, hot chocolate, cookies, & Christmas music.

There was an afternoon of successfully finishing up some projects around the house.

There was the Sunday morning message on Christmas – the joy AND the pain.

There was the truths of scripture that made an impact on my heart.

There was the accomplished feeling of doing something hard at the end of that cold 5th mile.

There was Christmas Caroling for a bed-fast friend.

There was a lively game around the coffee table with friends and cookies and hot chocolate.

And I thought about that if it were possible, I would re-create each of those moments so I could feel this Alive all the time.  But the truth is, this real aliveness, can’t be created by me.  This aliveness comes from something deeper – a soul awareness of my Creator.  A soul connection with my Creator reflected in all the wonderful little connections over the weekend.

The connection with a little person over fisher-price farm animals eating out of their trough.

The connection with my church family over games, scripture, charoles.

The connection with my husband over games, running, working.

These are all reflections of the deeper connection that I so desire with my Savior.

May God continue to stir in me more awareness of Him.  And especially now as I think of what this time of year represents.  Jesus – God Himself – coming into my world, for me.  Because He longed for connection with me.

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