Merry Holidays!


A shout-out to last year:

I love that there are 3, very worth celebrating, holidays back-to-back.  This year, the holidays were actually pretty low-key for us.  At the beginning of December, I had made a list of fun things to do throughout the month, but somehow the list got lost and the items on the list lost importance.  We like our schedule to rate rather low on the “busyness scale” and though our life is not always perfectly balanced, it mostly is un-busy. So in order for this holiday season to be un-busy, the list had to go.

I love how the city quiets when it snows.

I love how the city quiets when it snows.

We kept it rather simple around here this year.  Not making a trip to Texas this year (first since Duane & I happened) definitely made for a more relaxed schedule.

It started with Thanksgiving evening with my family.  Just the evening, because we all like having a bit of cushion in our schedule – free time to de-clutter our lives.  It included a wonderful cookie exchange – the first of many (TOO many) sweets to come through our front door – puzzle assembling, a football game, and yummy soup.

There were book clubs to wrap up (such lovely times spent with dear friends), cookie exchanges, Christmas parties, and more.



Much merry-ing went on that day.

The Sunday before Christmas was spent with my family leaving Christmas Eve and Christmas Day completely wide open.  Fun fact:  Did you know that “every” restaurant – chain, family owned, hole-in-the-wall –  within a 2 mile radius of us closes before 6:00pm on Christmas Eve, with the exception of Popeyes?  Yes, we celebrated Christmas Eve with Popeyes.  It was the sixth place Duane tried.  She thought she was gonna have to head to the kitchen and magically rustle some grub together at the 11th hour.  But thankfully we were able to spend a cozy evening over chicken, rice & beans, mashed potatoes, biscuits, a movie, and gifts.



And Christmas Day, because we were so “un-busy and bored”, we headed out to my parents and hung out just us, the parents, and the baby brother.  Once again we did some puzzle assembling, ate yummy homemade pizza, and warmed by the fire.

And despite the fact that we did not go to Texas over the holidays, we did get to have a little Friesen family Christmas as the new year pushed out the old.  Our Friesen family Christmas dinner consisted of Briskett (thanks Omar & Irene) potato wedges, BBQ’d green beans, pecan pie, and ice-cream.  No it’s not the traditional Friesen Christmas meal, but it was good.



Eugene unfortunately (or possible fortunately) arrived late to the dinner, due to the train not being able to traverse the tracks and him and his goodwill bringing a car full of strangers back to the city with him.  Such a fun story that would make one of those perfect “feel good Christmas” movies.  Ahh, yes, all the goodwill and happiness that flies around during the holidays.

Rachel made New Years cookies which we devoured over games.

Rachel made New Years cookies which we devoured over games.




And New Years Eve was spent playing games with friends.




So glad this darling munchkin came to visit us. Super glad he brought his mommy & daddy, also.

And the Friesens went back to their homes, and we are left here in the city, in a new year to be discovered, enjoyed, lived, and celebrated.




  1. Christy  •  Jan 26, 2014 @12:51 am

    It sounds as though you had a very fun, cozy holiday season and you look extra happy and sparkly in the pictures. I liked the story about the desperate Christmas Eve food scramble and Eugene bringing a load of strangers back to the city–fun details that make great stories later. :)

    You are looking so beautiful. And I feel like you have a new look, but I can’t pinpoint it. Is it a new hair style? Your hat? I can’t tell, but whatever it is you’re looking lovely. I love your outfit in the picture of you and Duane and the shirt you wore to the Friesen Christmas. Also, what is your head covering in the last picture? It looks pretty, but I want to see more. :)

    Is the NYE gathering at your house? Am I right that you don’t have a couch? I was taking in alllll the details on these pictures, can you tell? :) We just moved ours out. Our living room is small enough that a big couch just made it feel smaller, and we rarely have big groups of people here. It just made sense to have more floor space.

    The game you’re playing looks really fun; I have never heard of it before.

    We just got your Christmas picture, and I love it! Thanks!!

  2. Lucy  •  Jan 29, 2014 @4:29 pm

    Oh, Christy. Your comment makes me laugh. Yes, you obviously were checking out the pictures. :) Let me see if I can cover everything…
    As far as my new look, it might be the hat. I think my hairstyle is the same, but I know how things can gradually evolve and change without trying. But seriously, you have me scrutinizing pictures of myself thinking, “yeah, I do look kinda different. I wonder what it is?”. Maybe it’s just age changing me.
    My head covering in the last pic is a black & white chevron 4″ headband. And speaking of head scarves, I love that urban wrap think you do. Need to get lessons from you.
    The NYE party was at our place and we do actually have a sofa. It’s a petite ikea one, though. I totally get the floor space thing. I do not like over-crowded spaces. And it doesn’t take much to start feeling crowded to me.
    Oh, and that game is our newest favorite game. We need to get together sometime and we’ll share it with you. Go to Texas when we are. Hans needs to find you a deal on Atlanta to Dallas. Or Austin.

  3. amber  •  Jan 30, 2014 @3:46 pm

    i happened to see your name on three different other blogs i was reading this morning and finally clicked over! :)) had to say i’m glad i’m not the only one who just posted about christmas too. haha.

    you’re adorable, by the way! and looks like you had a wonderful holiday full of fun memories!!


  4. Lucy  •  Feb 4, 2014 @12:50 am

    Thank you for your kind words, Amber. No, you’re not alone in a late Christmas post. Hope it doesn’t mean I’m living in the past. I do desire to be totally in the present, but want to remember the past. And, by the way, I found your blog some time ago, but never comment. I’ll be right over to do that. :)

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