Wanting God More


What does it look like to desire God more then anything else. To want Him more then the blessed life. To want Him more then safety. To want Him more then any of my dreams and hopes. To want Him more then a good health report. To want Him more then happiness. What does it look like for me to want Him, more then I want Him to make my life perfect.

I wonder what it is like for You, to love us so much that You sacrificed Your life to be with us, and we could be with You. To love us, and we could love You. Enjoy us and we could enjoy You. But being with You, loving You, and enjoying You was not what we wanted most. What we wanted most was for You to cooperate with us in getting whatever else it is – family – health – career – enough money – all kinds of hapy-blessing-things – that we want so much more. That must be intensely painful for You. You are well acquainted with relational pain, aren’t You? (Shema of a Soul -Kimberlye Berg, Shemaofasoul.com)

An incredibly good book that drew my heart to God.  I’d highly recommend it.



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