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I Love you Spring! (alt. title: Damage Cleaning)


I’m in love with this time of year, the time when life blossoms – when green overcomes pink.  In winter, the dead season, I’m aware that God is very much alive and at work, but when nature displays it so well, it settles deep.  This aliveness.  This life.

Pink and green are vying for favorite status.  Green might be winning.


I come alive this time of year.  I do damage cleaning.  {Let me interrupt this flow of thought for a definition. Damage cleaning has minimal similaries to spring cleaning.  Damage cleaning can happen in any season, though its very likely to happen in the spring when so much life, energy, and excitement is flying around.  Damage cleaning also has many different facets and often includes rearranging.  And damage cleaning is almost never the whole house.  Just a very focused intense change up in a particular area.  This term was coined by one of the youth girls I used to hang out with when I worked at the church.  Whenever I damage clean, I think of her with fond thoughts.}  Moving on.  I plant things.  I dream.  I make plans.  I walk.  We eat in our “back yard”.  We garden.  We dream.  We make plans.  We create.



The living room was the targeted damage cleaning zone.  Curtains washed, windows scrubbed, sofa cover washed.  Ok, I’ll quit with those boring details.  The fun stuff was a complete re-arrange.  Oh, yes.  Fun, fun.  The sofa is in a location it never was before, because I always thought it impossible due to a heating vent right by the front window.  Then I realized sofa’s don’t have to go right up against walls.  They can be out a foot or two and look totally ok.  What a wonderful discovery.  And besides, we’re not using heat this time of year.  So the living room has a new look, including walls as well.




The piano is happy in its new location.  And the table… It still looks like the awkward misfit it is.  But it’s a good life lesson to us that awkward is ok.  And misfits have value and something to offer.  Besides, we like it.



The garden is growing.  New plots have been created.  Dorky window boxes lived to see another year.  And things are growing indoors as well.



It’s spring time.  And life is everywhere.




Embracing the Hard


Duane first mentioned running the 10 miler Broad Street Run when we were out watching it last year.  I agreed that it looked like a lot of fun, but knew I could never do that.

In the fall when he started bringing it up again, I agreed to go running with him. When he started telling our friends that we’re training for the Broad Street Run, I always  clarified that he is training, I’m running with him, and we’ll see about me actually doing it.  In other words, I was saying I’ll do it if it’s not too difficult; if it comes easily for me, I’ll keep training and run it.

One morning after coming back from a run, it suddenly dawned on me, that I’ve tended to  live my life choosing easy.  (i.e. School was fairly easy for me, and I naturally got good grades.  Unfortunately, I was content with that, and didn’t bother putting in hard work to get excellent grades.)  I decided, I’m not ok with that any more.  I want to learn to accept challenges, to embrace hard.

Because a true fact of life is, that hard experiences will come; and perhaps if I could learn to embrace hard things of my choosing, I could also learn to embrace and thrive in hard things I didn’t choose.

And running was hard.  There were side-stitches.  There was knee pain.  There was foot pain.  There were lungs gasping for breath.  There were screaming muscles.  And there was my brain rebelling about getting out of bed at 5:45am for the fifth day in a row.

And yesterday we did it!  We ran that length of Broad Street I thought I could never run.



At the finish line!


And I’m looking for a new challenge.  This embracing  hard things is quite fulfilling, actually.