Embracing the Hard


Duane first mentioned running the 10 miler Broad Street Run when we were out watching it last year.  I agreed that it looked like a lot of fun, but knew I could never do that.

In the fall when he started bringing it up again, I agreed to go running with him. When he started telling our friends that we’re training for the Broad Street Run, I always  clarified that he is training, I’m running with him, and we’ll see about me actually doing it.  In other words, I was saying I’ll do it if it’s not too difficult; if it comes easily for me, I’ll keep training and run it.

One morning after coming back from a run, it suddenly dawned on me, that I’ve tended to  live my life choosing easy.  (i.e. School was fairly easy for me, and I naturally got good grades.  Unfortunately, I was content with that, and didn’t bother putting in hard work to get excellent grades.)  I decided, I’m not ok with that any more.  I want to learn to accept challenges, to embrace hard.

Because a true fact of life is, that hard experiences will come; and perhaps if I could learn to embrace hard things of my choosing, I could also learn to embrace and thrive in hard things I didn’t choose.

And running was hard.  There were side-stitches.  There was knee pain.  There was foot pain.  There were lungs gasping for breath.  There were screaming muscles.  And there was my brain rebelling about getting out of bed at 5:45am for the fifth day in a row.

And yesterday we did it!  We ran that length of Broad Street I thought I could never run.



At the finish line!


And I’m looking for a new challenge.  This embracing  hard things is quite fulfilling, actually.





  1. Clarita  •  May 5, 2014 @5:14 pm

    That is SO awesome! And yes, running IS hard work! I have still to get to ten miles, but so much of it is just a mind thing for me. My mind gives out way before my legs do. You are so inspiring!!

  2. Kashif Vikaas  •  May 5, 2014 @6:24 pm

    I’m inspired

  3. Lucy  •  May 20, 2014 @7:40 pm

    Are you training for something specific, Clarita? Yes, yes. It was very mental for me.

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