A Glimpse of the Story


So much of my life is focused on me.  And I can live my life so un-aware of the other Story going on.  The one that only really truly matters – has weight.  But occasionally, very occasionally, I get a glimpse of the bigger Story, and I rest.  Cause when I see it – the big Story – even just a slight bit of it – my story grows really small.  My fears, my needs, my wants, my desires – they become small.



It’s really a dichotomy – this thing we call life.  On one hand, it’s so not about me.  On the other hand, the Creator of the story cares incredible much about the details of my life and it is about me.  Just in a different way then I humanly normally think.

It happened the other evening, one small sighting of the big story.  I had pulled weeds out from between the radishes and peas and beans and onions and peppers.  I was worn out from a rather long hard day of work and sat down on the corner of a neighboring raised bed, while I waited for Duane to finish the amazing tomato cages he was constructing.

I sat there, and possibly it was because of my feelings of exhaustion, but I contemplated if there really was much purpose to my life.  I wondered why we live here, this neighborhood. Are we really making any impact? Does our life in this city have purpose?

And I thought about what life lived near my family would look like.  And I couldn’t think of any more important value or purpose we’d have there.  And I thought about living near Duane’s family.  And I couldn’t think of any more important value or purpose living there either.  And for a moment I felt very purposeless – powerless to offer anything good to the world.




And it was in that moment it became clear.  This life – the one I’m living – really isnt’ about me, what I can do, what I have to offer.  The Story is so much bigger.  It’s about the God of the universe.  It’s about Him being known and His name being lifted up.  The details of wether I live here or there – not so important.  The details of what I do – not so important.  What is important is that God be magnified, that God be known.  It’s His story.

And then the other humbling truth – He cares.  This great big God.  This mighty Creater.  He cares.  He cares about the details of where I live.  He cares about the details of how I live.

And I’m humbled in this dance between what seems like opposing truths, that really are so wrapped up in One.  If only I could live in constant awareness of this truth.

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