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Embracing my Reality (and others)


There’s a lot of pressure in the blogging, instagram, Facebook, etc. world.  It can be easy to look at others “perfect” lives and compare. What is intriguing to me is this growing trend of “keeping it real” by posting a pic of your chaotic messy house.


My reality: Our world has changed. Love the sight of my kids walking hand-in-hand with their daddy.

When I’m going through a difficulty, your messy house picture does nothing to convince me that you have it difficult.  In fact, when I’m sitting in the Emergency Center of MD Anderson Cancer Center, I’m wishing for simple things like a messy house (well, actually I’m not because at that point, messy houses are so not on my radar).



My reality: Duane works from home, except for when he doesn’t. This is a huge gift for this season of our lives. Here he is walking home from his “coffee shop office”.

I recently saw someone’s pics on line and found myself almost being jealous.  I quickly assured myself that her life isn’t as good as it looks.  But then, I thought. . . What if it is?  What if truly IS as good as it looks, or better?  Can I be ok with that?  Can I celebrate her and her life?  Can I embrace what is true about her life (which seems to be pretty amazing at the moment)?


My reality: I love to read, but have been doing very little lately. In my down time, my brain has been choosing to enter it’s do-nothing box more then it chooses to read.

What if instead of trying to convince people we don’t have the perfect life we seem to be portraying… what if instead we would present what’s really true?

What if instead, we would embrace our reality and offer that.  Embrace the reality of who we are and the reality of where we are and offer our truly real selves.

What if we wouldn’t feel pressure when presented with others realities – amazing and not so amazing.

What if there would be no competition to look amazing, or to make sure everyone knows “we’re real” around here. Because “keeping it real” feels like it comes with pressure, also… pressure to make sure everyone knows I’m just like them.

What if instead of giving into the pressure of comparing and detereming to “keep it real”, I’d live the story God has given me, embrace my reality and compare less.



My reality: Longing and hoping for just enough of these peaceful moments to get us through the difficult adjusting moments.


So here’s to embracing my reality this week – the good, the bad, and the ugly.